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Penn Hills Game Exchange
431 Rodi Road
Penn Hills, PA 15235

(412) 371-0386

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A Game Shop for Everyone

Are you tired of shopping in corporate chain stores, or tired of the same, bland gaming experience? If so, check out our store. We have rare and hard to find games from America and Japan. In fact, we're Pittsburgh's #1 source for import games on the Dreamcast, Famicom, Sega Saturn, Super Famicom, and more!

If you're more of an arcade and classic gamer, we've got you covered. Our creative minds can bring you over 75 classic arcade hits on our projection systems, with bright, vibrant pictures. We also have pinball if you like a more physical gaming experience. You haven't experienced arcade gaming until you've played Pac-Man on a 99" screen. Plus, all of our games run on real arcade motherboards. No emulation!

Hungry? We have a snack bar that is stocked with a full supply of chips, pretzels, cookies, crackers, chocolate, candy bars, and other tasty treats. Our refridgerator has plenty of ice-cold water and soda, too.

So Stop on by! We're a lot more than some huge chain store where you're pressured to buy things you don't want, or where you have to pick between "Generic Shooter A" or "Generic Shooter B". Sit down, relax, and rediscover what made video games special for you. After all, gaming is for everyone, and this is a game shop for everyone.

Info and Rates

  •  Playtime in our game room is just $5 per person per hour.
  • Bring your own console for use on our projectors.
  • Wireless 360/PS3 controllers are available for use with ID. If you can't provide ID, there is a $20 refundable deposit.
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  • Can't make it out to us? With our traveling arcade games, we bring the game room to you! Perfect for birthday parties, fundraisers, conventions, or charity events!

Other Services

We Also: 

  • Repair game consoles
  • Replace batteries in NES, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy carts
  • Repair Scratched Discs